Islam: Seeking a way forwards

  • Luboš Kropáček Charles University, Hussite Theological Faculty, Department of Religious Studies, Pacovská 350/4. 140 21 Praha 4


Since the mid-20th century, the spectacular population growth and social changes in Asian and African countries have comprised rising efforts in their Muslim communities to take an active and beneficial part in the ongoing or intended transformations. Without omitting negative features, our essay tries to comprehend main trends in thoughts and social activities of contemporary Muslims. Mentions are made of the role of the OIC (Organization of Islamic Cooperation, 57 Member States) and various international initiatives. In special chapters, most attention is paid to the present-day situation and differences in the Arab countries (in particular in Saudi Arabia and in Qatar). As more open and kind religious approaches than what the Saudis call „soft“, our essay mentions Indonesian Nahdatul Ulama or, in the interreligious perspective, the dialogue between current Grand Imam of Al-Azhar Sheikh Ahmad Al-Tayyib and Pope Francis.

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Kropáček, L. (2022). Islam: Seeking a way forwards. Kulturní Studia, 10(18), 18–33. Získáno z
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