Analýza orientalizmu v Bowieho skladbe „China Girl“

Analysis of Orientalism in David Bowie’s Song “China Girl”

  • Veronika Vaseková
Klíčová slova: China Girl, David Bowie, orientalizmus, rasizmus


Among other areas, Orientalism is widespread in pop music. The aim of this essay is to analyze Chinese Orientalism in the song and video “China Girl” by British singer David Bowie. Bowie is known for his interest in Asian cultures, signified most notably by the influence of Japanese style on Bowie’s musical performances, among other examples. The song “China Girl” initiated a passionate discussion about racist motives in the video clip; although Bowie is known for his opposition to racism, and the intended purpose of the video was to criticize racism, it is clear from the public and professional discussion that this intention may have failed. Displaying racist motives without a proper commentary is always problematic. Although Bowie’s song “China Girl” is often mentioned in academic texts as an example of Orientalism, its detailed analysis has not yet been processed. In my analysis, I will focus on the ornamental and content Orientalism of the video clip. I will also consider the extent to which Orientalism can be dangerous if individual stereotypes are described without a proper context.

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Vaseková, V. (2020). Analýza orientalizmu v Bowieho skladbe „China Girl“: Analysis of Orientalism in David Bowie’s Song “China Girl”. Kulturní Studia, 8(15), 47–59. Získáno z
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