Různé pohledy na každodennost: příklad Kyrgyzstánu

Iva Nádvorníková, Kateřina Kohoutová

  • Kateřina Kohoutová
  • Iva Nádvorníková


The primary purpose of this report is to describe the territory of modern Kyrgyzstan from two sides (Russian and Anglo-American), thus characterising the cultural clash between the East and West in day-to-day life. Using everydayness to outline the situation allows for greater transparency in highlighting differences between these two cultures. How can an ordinary day in the life of an average Kyrgyz change if it is seen from the point of view of another country or ideology? It is possible to look at one country, its traditions, and customs from two different points of view and this often leads to completely different conclusions. Attempts to objectively describe the situation are often affected by ideologies, time, and by the experiences and nature of the scientist or traveller. It is precisely these aspects that have influenced perceptions of day-to-day life that will be taken into consideration and explained more thoroughly. A particular emphasis is placed on factors such as the cultural background of the observer, their ideology, religion, and their personal relation to a given territory. In clarifying differences in the evaluation of everyday life in Kyrgyzstan in terms of East and West, this article shows how different interpretations arise depending on who expresses the opinion.

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Kohoutová, K., & Nádvorníková, I. (2014). Různé pohledy na každodennost: příklad Kyrgyzstánu: Iva Nádvorníková, Kateřina Kohoutová. Kulturní Studia, 2(2). Získáno z https://kulturnistudia.cz/domains/kulturnistudia.cz/journal/index.php/ks/article/view/38
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