Percepce domova u potomků vietnamských imigrantů

Perceptions of home among the offspring of Vietnamese immigrants

  • Kristýna Sataryová


The paper focuses on the topic of territorial identity among the descendants of Vietnamese immigrants in the Czech Republic. The goal was to establish what the teenage generation of Vietnamese consider their home and to understand the process that led to this belief. This issue is connected with the ethnic and territorial extent of identity. The paper also outlines the social constructivism paradigm upon which principles of working with identity are based. The thesis covers the arrival of the Vietnamese into the Czech Republic until the present day and the birth of the second generation. The latter are represented by Vietnamese students aged 21–29, who have spent most of their lives here. They either arrived with their parents as children or were born in the Czech Republic. Narrative interviews were conducted with representatives of the given generation as part of a biographical research project to address the relationship between an individual and their ethnicity and home. To achieve this, the essential findings of the analysis and interpretations of field data are presented.

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Sataryová, K. (2014). Percepce domova u potomků vietnamských imigrantů: Perceptions of home among the offspring of Vietnamese immigrants. Kulturní Studia, 2(2). Získáno z
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