Kolektivizace venkova očima pamětníků

Collectivisation of the countryside through the eyes of witnesses

  • Jakub Veselý


This article presents a case study of a particular village and focuses on the period of forced collectivisation in rural Czechoslovakia. The primary aim of the work was to determine which images of collectivisation are still present in the minds of local residents, and how this process affected their daily lives in past. The practical section comprises original empirical research consisting of narrative interviews conducted with selected survivors who were the primary witnesses of the collectivisation period. In addition to the accounts of the survivors, studies of archival materials were also conducted. The data acquired through these methods will aid in acquiring a better and more comprehensive depiction of the period in question.

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Veselý, J. (2014). Kolektivizace venkova očima pamětníků: Collectivisation of the countryside through the eyes of witnesses. Kulturní Studia, 2(3). Získáno z https://kulturnistudia.cz/domains/kulturnistudia.cz/journal/index.php/ks/article/view/51
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