Společenský význam tradic v Kyrgyzstánu v porovnání s tureckými Kyrgyzy v oblasti Ulupamir

The social importance of traditions in Kyrgyzstan in comparison with the Turkish Kyrgyz in Ulupamir

  • Eva Bosáková


This paper compares the influence of everyday social traditions in Kyrgyzstan with the Kyrgyz village of Ulupamir in Turkey. The notion of tradition and the social significance of a pastoral society are also influenced by the climatic conditions of the country. Aspects of Kyrgyz traditions include a respect for religious practices and their relationship to religion, family and family ceremonies, the organisation of society in everyday life, kitchen, and the preservation of Kyrgyz customs such as music, literature, crafts and the influence of pastoral traditions. The study concludes by evaluating the differences and similarities between the selected Kyrgyz traditions.